So, what is a check up for?

There are lots of potential reasons.

1) To have your questions answered-Are you a Lister?  Check out this post…Maximizing Your Checkup-The Lister…I love you!  Or, to have your friends and families questions answered.  Maybe you’re a little worried too, or maybe you just want to get them off your back: Maximizing Your Checkup-The Village

2) To hear the doctors advice.  I have a brief list of important topics I want you to get out of every checkup.  I try not to make the list too long for each checkup-maybe 1-3 items.  I think trying to cram a ton of information down your throat is unproductive.

3) To see the growth chart.  Some families love to see the growth chart and live or die by percentiles.  Some families just see a bunch of lines and dots on a piece of paper (or computer screen).  Growth charts help you understand how your child is doing compared to other children but more importantly, they see how your child is doing compared to…your child.

4) Vaccines-Vaccine are a critical component to most checkups.  The schedule is devised to provide your child protection when they need it most.  Each vaccine should be described to you and potential side effects should be mentioned at each checkup.

Here is a list of the checkups required in the first 4 years of life.  You can click each age to see a post regarding that checkup.

2 Month Check-Up

4 Month Check-Up

6 Month Check-Up

9 Month Check-Up

12 Month Check-Up

15 Month Check-Up

18 Month Check-Up

2 Year Check-Up

3 Year Check-Up


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