Nosebleeds-Help in a Flash

26 Feb


Nosebleeds are very scary for parents but there are few nosebleeds that have concerning causes.

The most common causes of nose-bleeds are: dry air and nose-picking (or both).

Many children will have allergies which dry out the tissue inside.  This causes cracking with minor trauma or picking.  It is well supplied with blood vessels, it will bleed like crazy.

Make it Stop!

  1. Hold the soft part of the nose just below the bridge for FIVE minutes.  If  you stop to check, it can start again because the cracks open.
  2. Do not have the tilt their head back unless you think they would like the taste and feel of swallowed blood in their stomach.  It doesn’t help.
  3. If still bleeding after 5 minutes, it can be helpful to put something cold over the nose to help constrict the blood vessels.
  4. If you cannot control the bleeding, go to your doctor or the ER.

Preventing Frequent Nose Bleeds

  1. Run a humidifier
  2. Spray nasal saline spray or put vaseline in the nose
  3. Clip the child’s nails short and smooth

Concerning Signs

If any of these are present, you need a doctor visit:

  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Easy bruising
  • Small red dots all over

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