Frequent Urination-Help in a Flash

20 Feb


Has anyone ever said this before?

First you’re annoyed, then you start to get a little more concerned.  Could something be wrong?

This is usually normal and will go away but there a few things to think about:

Urinary tract infection

It will usually be accompanied by pain with urination, fever or belly pain.


The child will also typically have increased thirst or hunger and weight loss.  It is pretty unusual to diagnose diabetes from frequent urination in young children but I have had a 2 year old in my practice that was so not impossible.

Both of the above require a urine sample so going to the doctor is a must.

Abnormal Voiding

The most common cause.  Two reasons, the child is not emptying their bladder when they do go (usually nervous about missing something) or they have gotten in the habit of going as soon as they feel the slightest stretch on the bladder. 

You can help with these problems by having your child go “just a little bit more” after they go and by asking them to wait a minute or two after they say they need to go in order to go.


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