Pain with Urination-Help in a Flash

18 Feb


It’s not uncommon for a child to complain of pain with urination.

There are 3 common reasons for this:

1) Randomness-Happens once or twice

Sometimes best to tell your child that everything is ok and ignore the symptom a time or 2.  If they cannot urinate, there is fever or stomach/back pain then go ahead and get things check out.

2) Urinary tract infection

Vary from mild pain to having a very sick child with fever and vomiting.  A urine sample to determine if infection is present.  Ask for a cup when you walk in the office so that if your child does need to pee, you can go ahead and collect the sample.  Treatment is usually an antibiotic that your child takes at home.  If your child is more ill with severe pain or signs of dehydration, IV antibiotics may be necessary.

3) Irritation at the opening near where the urine comes out of the body

If the urine sample is negative, your doctor will likely take a look to determine if there is any redness.  This is common when children are walking around in wet swimsuits and in boys when they begin to find “themselves.”  Topical creams (antibacterial or anti fungal) can be applied but sometimes all that is necessary is a little dab of vaseline or diaper rash cream.

No matter what the cause of painful urination, there are a few things you can do to help:

  • The more fluids your child drinks, the more clear their urine is and the less likely it is to hurt.
  • If your child is refusing to pee, placing them in the bathtub and encouraging them to pee can help.

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