Eating Stuff that Isn’t Food-Help in a Flash

17 Feb



The official name for this behavior is pica.  

Every child does it to some degree so don’t assume that there’s something wrong with your child just because they like an occasional mudpie.

Pica is most common in children 2-3 years.

Some things to think about (but usually aren’t the cause):

  • Lack of nutrients (iron or zinc)
  • Developmental problems (autism)
  • Normality-Usually this is it!

Why we worry about it:

  • Choking risk
  • Lead poisoning-Paint (especially in old houses)
  • Blocked intestine-Hair or cloth
  • Tooth injury-Hard things (rocks)
  • Grossness (That’s why parents worry about it, not me so much.)
  • Poisoning-Remember 1-800-222-1222 for poison control

What you can do:

1) Tell your child what is ok to eat!

I must say 1000 times per day to my 4 year old (yep, we all deal with the same problems, even pediatricians): “Food and drink are the only things that go in your mouth.”

2) Lock away dangerous items and things your child “craves.”

3) Offer your child a well-balanced diet

4) Don’t stress but monitor as closely as you can especially in those areas where you know you child is likely to start “snacking.”


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