Rash-Help in a Flash

5 Feb

Nothing is better than waking up to a phone call at 2AM for a rash…

Ok, a lot of things are better than rash at 2AM but what am I supposed to do?

I can’t see the rash and it’s very hard to describe a rash with words, I need to touch it and feel it.

Rash is perhaps one of the most concerning things to a parents that rarely concerns a doctor.

When should you be worried?

  1. Child otherwise looks sick (lethargic, fever, difficulty breathing, etc)
  2. Spreads rapidly
  3. After eating new food or taking medication (big circular lesions)
  4. Painful
  5. Pus is present
  6. Rash doesn’t go away after a few days

What can you do?

  1. If any above are true, call for appointment.
  2. If dry, Vaseline.
  3. If red, hydrocortisone.
  4. If not better, call for appointment.

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