Is All This Blogging and Social Media Worth It?

3 Feb

After a year of working on my blog, Facebook and Twitter and putting in hours working to try and get good information out there.

I think it was only natural that I began to wonder, “Is this all worth it?”

I decided to turn the question around to you and was shocked and very grateful with the responses.

I have about 650 followers on Facebook and I sent out the survey directed mostly to them.

I received 58 survey responses which is many more than I anticipated!

I asked the following questions related to social media:

How likely would you be to recommend (his) social media to others?


That was very encouraging with almost 90% saying they are “Very Likely” to or would “Absolutely” refer others to my social media efforts.  (I get that this isn’t particularly scientific, it was self-selected response and not random, etc but still when I find that I need the motivation to keep going, it certainly helps.)

The next question is actually the most important and the reason why I invest time in social media:

Can you name a time or tell a story about how Dr. Smith’s social media outlets have helped you with your children?

I left the question optional because I didn’t want it to be a barrier to completing the survey.

Despite this, I got an amazing 34 responses/comments on this questions!

Here are some of my favorites that I plan to use:

“I have found several cases when his blog hit just when I needed some guidance… From when I question about immunizations to dealing with spectrum and hyperactivity issues. I have been greatly blessed and thankful to have this great resource to pull from.”

“I’ve referred to them often over the last 6 months or so for quick information when my toddler has had a minor illness. Especially, the posts on stomach viruses. It’s very helpful to have specifics, like how much and how often to give liquids to a vomiting child.”  Amanda C (mother of 21 month old)

“Right about the time he posted about head injuries, my 2 yr old daughter fell head first into a door frame! Remembering the information in the post I felt more in control of the situation and steps I needed to take.” Michelle K (mother of 3)

“I often read a post and then my child will have one of the issues that a post talked about so I often go back and read the article again.”

“They help me feel normal! It’s so helpful to have a doctor right there, plus, he is someone I know and trust. His posts are always current. He is a doctor and a father, which is a big plus for me!”

“Every single post has helped tremendously! Very good information and logical advice!”

“Every time my little one is sick I refer to a post!”

“Just this week my kids have been sick with stomach bugs. I have used the Help in a Flash to know how to take care of them without rushing to the office or calling the doctor on call! I love the blog and the FB page.” Candice S (mother of 5 and 2 yr old)

The overwhelming answer to my question, “Is All This Blogging and Social Media Worth It?” is a resounding YES!  

I started this blog to be an extension of myself so that my patients (and anyone else who wanted to read)  could read my thoughts for 2 reasons:

1) To stay at home and even avoid making a phone call for common pediatric illnesses that don’t require a visit.

2) To have information to look up for a reminder of things that we talked about in our office visit.

Your answers indicate that it is doing exactly that and for that reason, I’ll keep plugging along!

I realized after the fact (this was the first survey of it’s kind that I have created) that I didn’t make the ability to leave your name very easy.  I also realized that the testimonies, even with just a first name or first name and last initial are more powerful.  That said, I’m planning to use the above comments going forward so if you want to claim them so I can include you first name and last initial, I would love it.  I would also love to include your child’s ages as well if you are ok with it!


2 Responses to “Is All This Blogging and Social Media Worth It?”

  1. Jane Burroughs February 3, 2014 at 11:02 am #

    Hi from Jane Burroughs, your Mom’s College friend from Abilene!

    This is not for publication, yet a thought came yesterday . Today the churches say “now to look at the big screen for the words to scripture, songs.”

    In the future will the church say to the congregation, watch your face book or twitter as we now join to worship . . . . . for yes we have an app for that.

    Just a thought, I enjoy your post for yes I see them on Face Book cause I really don’t have an app for any of those other opportunities!

    Love Jesus, nurture your family, and Stay warm Jane Burroughs

    Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 15:50:44 +0000 To:

  2. Laura February 3, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

    I will add that I am also very thankful for the blog. We only got to see you for the first few months of our little guy’s life before you moved away, but I have referred to your blog numerous times and have shared it with other new moms who have benefited from it as well and plan to share it with my brother and his wife when they have their first baby this summer. It is great to have something concise and clear to refer to quickly, especially as a new mom with lots of questions. Thank you for keeping it up! I know it takes time, and that is appreciated. Your efforts are not in vain! 🙂

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