Diarrhea-Help in a Flash

24 Jan

Diarrhea means a lot of thing to different people.

Some people call if their child doesn’t pass a hard rock of a stool.  Some people consider watery stool normal.  Most definitions I can find say that if it’s more than 3 loose stools in a day, it is diarrhea.

Diarrhea is common and not usually concerning.

Here are 4 reasons I might be concerned:

  1. Bloody
  2. Mucousy
  3. More than 1 week
  4. Fever over 102

It can be difficult to tell if a child in diapers is dehydrated when they have diarrhea because judging urine output is hard.  You’ll have to watch for moist lips, tears when crying and activity level.

Treat diarrhea by letting time pass.  Give fluids (Gatorade, pedialyte, milk or formula) to keep the child hydrated in the mean time.

No need to focus on the BRAT diet (banannas, rice, apples and toast) that pediatricians used to recommend.

Once the child is hydrated, go as much to a regular diet as you can.  Continued use of sugary drinks can prolong the diarrhea.


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