Vomiting-Help in a Flash

23 Jan

Vomiting is usually caused by stomach bugs (viruses). 

If they have diarrhea, it almost locks the diagnosis.

There are 2 questions to ask with a child who is vomiting:

1)       Is this a stomach bug or something different?

  • If diarrhea follows in 12-24 hours then it’s is likely a stomach bug
  • If only vomiting for more than 24 hours I consider head injury/tumor or infection (kidney usually) but often is still stomach bug
  • If also has severe belly pain, I consider appendicitis or other dangerous cause

2)      When does this become more dangerous?

  • Dehydration is the biggest concern in a child with vomiting.  If puking makes you dehydrated and puking keeps you from drinking, you’re in a bind.
  • If a child has dry lips, no tears or is not peeing (6-8 hours) then they are dehydrated
  • Rehydrate your child with slow frequent sips (1-2 tsp/sips every 5 minutes) then increase if your child is tolerating this well
  • Don’t give your child the cup to run around with and drink until they’ve shown they can keep some fluids down
  • Most fluids are good-my favorites are Gatorade, Pedialyte, some use Sprite and juice

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