Head Injuries-Help in a Flash

22 Jan


Head injury is a common problem in pediatrics.  Objects are always flying around the room with a propensity to nail an unsuspecting child and the weight of toddler heads seems to dominate their ability to balance.

Injuries in the following children deserve a call to the doctor:

  • Under 2 years
  • Possible neck injury
  • History of seizures, developmental delay or easy bleeding
  • Victim of child abuse

Most are reading this because you’re worried about some fall so let me start by reassuring you that things are going to be OK.

If you are terrified right after the fall you should be calling 911 or rushing into the ER, not sitting around reading a blog post about head injuries.

No, most of you are reading this is late at night freaking out if they did the right thing earlier in the day when they decided that everything was ok.  Amiright?

Here’s a list of signs that should concern you:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Headache that is getting worse over time
  3. Confusion
  4. Sleepiness-not at nap or bed time
  5. Anything else that you think warrants a phone call (don’t sit at home and worry, make a phone call to you doctor)

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