Fever-Help in a Flash

16 Jan
Fever is a sign of illness, usually infection.
If less than 2 months, fever (>100) is a medical urgency, call your doctor.  Take a rectal temperature.
In babies over 2 months, I consider over 101 a fever.  Temporal artery thermometers work well with this age group.
The height of the fever is less important than how your child is acting.  If a child has fever of 104 but is still drinking and looks fairly well between fevers, they are probably ok.
Febrile seizures can occur in children with fever but aren’t related to height of the temperature and trying to treat with Tylenol or Motrin doesn’t decrease the chances of having a febrile seizures.
Reasons to call your doctor:
  1. Fever present for more than 2-3 days
  2. Child with chronic medical conditions or on chemotherapy
  3. Trouble breathing
  4. Headache or stiff neck
  5. Not drinking enough to stay hydrated
  6. Severe belly or side pain
  7. Any other symptoms that worries you
What to do to treat fever:
  1. Treat with Tylenol or Motrin (see dosing chart here).  Only if they are uncomfortable (don’t wake a sleeping child).  No need to alternate.
  2. Encourage fluid intake.

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(Fever graphic created by cooltext.com)


One Response to “Fever-Help in a Flash”

  1. Cami February 3, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Can you do the link for dosing chart again? I like a good printout in the kitchen!

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