3 Year Check Up

15 Jan
Believe it or not, your child is over halfway to Kindergarten.  You may not want to think about this too much because it means they are growing up and becoming more and more independent.  I love all kids but there’s something about my little 3 year olds that hold a special place in my heart.  Their developing vocabulary and understanding of the world around them provide some hilarious conversations.  If you have any family secrets left you better be ready because I have a way of drawing them out of your 3 year olds during our check ups.
3 year olds are usually saying several hundred words.  Their speech is usually 75% understandable to a stranger and they know a color or two.  This is when working with them really gets fun.  You can really start to teach them about the world around them.  At this point they should be learning lots and lots of nouns.  When you are reading with them, stop and ask what pictures are.  When you are playing with toys ask them what they are playing with.  When they start to get the names of a few things down, start to add adjectives: color, soft or hard, shape, etc.
3 year olds are very mobile.  They still have their moments of instability and clumsiness.  Unless it is really outrageous, I have a hard time getting excited about the complaint, “He falls down all the time.”  3 year old can actually get some air when they try to jump.  Not to brag, but I’m pretty sure my almost 3 year old has got like a 2 inch vertical so look out NBA, here we come.
3 year olds are also quite helpful and should be learning to help take care of themselves, as well.  Let them start to brush their teeth but always finish up for them.  They can also wash their hand by themselves so start encouraging this.  It works great in conjunction with potty training. Some kiddos begin to drop their afternoon nap at this point, so be on the look out for having to get creative with “room time” or “rest time” if you’re still hoping for your private mid-day shower.
Other than that, have fun! Know that you’re doing a great job getting your little one ready for independence in this crazy world, and enjoy the time you have while you’re still his or her hero or heroine! Until next time, fellow super-parents…

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