2 Year Check-Up

14 Jan

2 years have passed.  We’re moving into the realm of “full conversations”, potty training, and terrible twos.
So much of the problems we see with 2 year old are related to their desire for independence.  Battles around eating are common now and toilet training is just a whole new way for kids to show their stubbornness.
You can find some information about how to address your picky eater here.
If you haven’t already, now’s the time to switch from whole milk to whatever milk the family is drinking.  Skim or low-fat are good options.  You are still looking to reach about 16-24 ounces of dairy per day. The rest of the time, water is a great option.
Speech at this age is getting more “sophisticated.”  Most children this age are speaking 3-4 word (sometimes longer) phrases and a stranger can understand about 75% of what they say.  This is a great age to identify if your child is developing normal regarding speech as they should be saying about 100 words.  Keeping track of the words they say initially can help you as you track towards this milestone.
Sometime during the age of 2-3 most children start the process of being ready to toilet train.  I have thought about writing a post about potty training but every time I sit down to start I get back to a wonderful book I have read about potty training and can’t seem to get motivated to re-write something that’s already been done so well.
Now, here’s hoping I don’t see you much (in the office, at least) for another year!

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