15 Month Check-up

10 Jan


Welcome to toddler parenting! There’s not much change between a 12 month and 15 month checkup but you are probably seeing a lot of growing up right before your eyes.  When you look back at pictures from just a year ago it’s hard to imagine that the little fireball in front of you was just laying still and calm in the floor just twelve short months ago.
Continue working with your child to develop a wide range of options.  It’s easy to have a couple bad mealtimes and settle into the routine of only feeding them 1 or 2 things because that’s all they will eat.  When you make a meal try to include new things every now and then and attempt them again later.  Never expect things to go perfectly the first time.  That way, if it ever does, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Feeding battles are common in this age group.  Your little one is beginning to want to exercise control but have difficulty finding things he or she is in control of. Enter meal times. If you are struggling with this or want some tips on how to prevent them, you can check out my post on the subject here: To Chew or Not to Chew-Picky Eaters
We want 15 month olds to say 3-5 words.  Progress is slow from the first 6 months of learning words (12-18 months) and then rapidly accelerates after that.  If you have questions about how you can help your child through this…check out this post for the section on Speech Development.
Walking is usually getting more sophisticated and there’s an occasional little Usain Bolt who’s running all through the house.  If your child isn’t walking yet it’s ok for me to wait another month or two before we do anything about it, but it’s time to start paying attention closely to what’s going on.
This is a short post because things are changing quickly but in predictable ways.  Remember that development from this point on is for the most part increasing mobility and increasing vocabulary.

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