9 Month Check-up

8 Jan
My patient’s and my favorite part about the 9 month check-up is…no scheduled shots!  You’re closing in on 1 year and hopefully really starting to learn about your baby’s personality.
Most 9 month olds are pretty good spoon eaters or they’re already done with that and have moved on to more table foods. Again, anything that is soft or that will soften up in baby’s mouth is fair to try.  If you give them something and what they do scares you, you can always put it away for a few weeks before you try again.  Remember that you’re ultimate goal (about three months from now) is to get them to 3 meals a day with a couple snacks between so start thinking about how you’re going to make that work.  Most babies this age should still be getting about 3 bottles per day.
Most babies this age are sleeping through the night.  Not all and just because they’re not doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong or that you’re doing something wrong.  If you want my advice about what we did for helping your child sleep through the night, you can go here: Are You Sleeping? Are You Sleeping? However, remember that every family is different and this is by no means a requirement.  Our babies were pretty much taking 2 naps a day by this time (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).  I think this is pretty typical for this age.
The 9 month checkup is all about development.  I love watching their little personalities develop and seeing evidence of that during these brief little glimpses into their lives.
Speech development is going crazy around this time.  Babies are making lots of extra types of noises and listening to everything that goes on around them.  From this point on, I’m ok if there’s never another quiet time in your house.  Evidence is mounting and coming from all directions showing that the more a baby is spoken to the better off them will be developmentally.  It’s time to start doing something I call “narrating their world.”  Watch your child play and tell them what they are looking at.  When you’ve named the object a few times, throw in an adjective…
“That’s a ball.”
“That’s a ball.”
“That’s a red ball.”
You get the picture.
For more specific information about this, click here.
I’m proud to say that some of our kids first words were, “What’s that?”  I think it was because they had been hearing us say “That’s a…” all the time.  It’s awesome because it encourages you to keep naming and teaching them because they won’t stop until you tell them.
Most babies by the 9 month checkup are starting to crawl.  Hopefully, you’ve already prepared the house by covering up plugs and searching under the couch for choking hazards.  If you haven’t found them all, your baby will.  There’s nothing like a 9 month old to help you find everything you thought you’d lost forever.  Be sure and give your baby plenty of time on the floor exploring with toys around them.  It’s also time to get the house ready for having a new walker toddling around.  I recommend that you get rid of coffee tables for a season but at the very least find a way to soften the corners there and around the fireplaces.
As you can see, development will become a more and more important part of the conversation coming up.  Children are learning and doing so many new skills at this time, it’s hard to keep track.  Start a journal or a note in your phone so you can remember those milestones along the way!  See you at the 1 year!

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