6 Month Check-Up

6 Jan
Half way to a year!  I’m sure time has flown by and you “diligent” or “crazy” or “Pinteresty” moms are already starting to plan the 1st birthday party.

Here are the major topics I cover during the 6 month check up:

  1. Diet
  2. Sleep
  3. Development


The frequency of your bottle or breast-feedings usually will go down some around 6 months.  Most babies are feeing around every 4 hours with a long stretch at night.  If not and your baby asks more hungry, that isn’t necessarily something to be worried about it.  I find that most babies will eat what they need and, just like adults, some need more than others.

I get asked all the time, “How much should my baby be eating?”

My answer, “As much as it takes for them to grow.”

Progressing solid feedings is one of the most challenging and fun things during the next few months.  Babies will be advancing to solid feedings 2-3 times per day.  The amount of solids per feeding varies a lot from baby to baby.

Babies at this stage can also start to take some finger/table foods.  Anything that will soften up in the mouth can be offered.  Some of the favorites around our house are the little puffs, crackers and soft vegetables.  If you give something to your child and their response scares you, put it away for a little while!

The ultimate goal is to have them eating table food 3 times a day by their first birthday and you have 6 months of slow transition to accomplish that.


Babies this age can sleep through the night.  Just like always, you have the choice about how you want to accomplish this…if you want my tips and suggestions, see my blog post on the topic: Are You Sleeping? Are You Sleeping?

Many babies this age are migrating towards a 2 naps during the day kind of schedule with a long sleep at night.  If you watch your baby and kind of keep track of what they are doing you can maximize your schedule and try to make your life a little more predictable at this point.


6 month olds should be sitting up with some gentle support or sitting by themselves.  You can practice this by propping them up on the floor or in your lap and gently decreasing support or letting go and just rescue them before their oversized heads topple them like a weeble-wobble or with more gentle approaches like a Bumbo chair.

Talking with and reading to your baby is crucial at this stage.  The more words and sounds that they hear the better.  They can tell the difference between a real-life human and the TV or radio so Barney is no substitute for your voice.   See: Screen Time-How A Big Purple Dinosaur Will Hurt Your Child.  In response, the baby should be starting to coo a lot and babble some consonant sounds.

Next up for your little explorer will be crawling.  So, it’s time for somebody to get on the floor and crawl around, looking for everything that could cause little fingers or mouths trouble in the upcoming months.  There is no better thumbtack or penny finder than a crawling 9 month old who is putting everything in their mouths!

So, have fun working on your feedings and enjoying those new milestones…this is a time where it seems like something new is happening every single day!  Next checkup is 9 months…see you then!

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