The Toddler Blog-What I’ve Learned and What I’m Going to Do About It

30 Dec


During the first year of my blog, I’ve learned a lot about what you like and what you don’t like.  Here are some of the highlights:

1) You don’t like to read about summaries of the pediatric news that has come out over the week.  I wrote 6 of those type of posts over 2 months and they are still the very lowest 6 posts in my statistics.

2) You like to read practical advice and about what to expect in normal development for your children.  This doesn’t really surprise me but you liked things that address common pediatric symptoms.  Fever and congestion were you two favorites.  They also happened to be some of the earliest posts I wrote.

3) You like reading about parenting (especially motherhood) issues.  My next most popular posts were about nuances of parenthood I have learned from interacting with hundreds (or thousands) of parents over the past few years.  This did surprise me a little bit but I’m very glad because they are some fun posts to write (especially when you let me make fun of you idiosyncrasies a little bit).

So, what do I do with what I’ve learned?

1) I won’t write posts about pediatric news…it seems that sharing interesting articles on Facebook and Twitter seems to be what you like.  These types of posts are frequently shared and commented on but a separate posts of highlights seems unnecessary.

2) I will continue to provide posts with practical advice.  Throughout the last few months, I have been writing content in the background and not publishing it with a goal in mind to really ramp up the amount of useful information.  You can see the details below.

3) I will continue to pepper in some things about parenting that I find particularly interesting or humorous (whether you find them either is totally up to you).

So, what’s coming up?

Check-up posts

I am writing a full series on checkups.  

Some of the initial ones will be based on why they are important and what happens at each checkup.

Finally there will be a series of posts about each of the scheduled checkups from birth to 4 years including my advice.  The goal is that one of my patients could go home and have a reference to look back in case they have forgotten anything that we discussed for the most common issues that I talk about at each checkup.  I expect these to be coming out sometime this week.

Help in a Flash

This will be a series of (very short) posts and accompanying video blogs that address common pediatric symptoms.  Some of the basics will be: fever, congestion, vomiting, etc.  I will talk about what to worry about, what not to worry about and what to do for each of the symptoms.  The goal for this series is that you can access information and help quickly in a way that is convenient for you (reading or watching).  I expect these will be coming out in Jan or Feb.

Top Secret

Finally, there is another very large, very exciting project that I have been working on that will be coming out in February and March.  It’s top secret because there is nothing that I can find like it anywhere and we are working to make it very professional and polished before we release it.  It will stand to benefit anyone who is going to have a baby but will be especially helpful to those who are expecting that plan to use me as their pediatrician.  

That said, I need to sign up some parents for a “test group” so if you know anyone who will be expecting in March-May that live in the Lewisville, TX area, please let me know and I can talk with them to tell them more about it!!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this program!  Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested.


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