1 Year Old Celebrations

27 Dec


Today marks the 1 year birthday of the blog!

I’ve been busy planning a themed birthday party complete with balloons, party favors and a photo booth (I bet none of you have seen any of these lately…I got the idea from Pinterest, it’s this new website you might’ve heard of).

Looking back on the first year, it has been a lot of fun.

Some stats:

As of writing this post there have been 27,751 views of my blog

There are 573 of you who “Like” me on Facebook.

There are 349 of you who follow me on Twitter.

I have written 89 blogs posts (this one will make 90).

Here are your top 5 favorite posts…

1) FEVER! Should we go to the ER?

2) Social Media Mommy Guilt

3) World’s Okayest Mom-Avoiding Paralyzing Perfectionism

4) Homemade Baby Food-What I Made and How I Made It

5) Miracle Cure for Baby Congestion

I like the list because it’s a great mix of the practical medical advice, some posts about mommies and a post from my wife.

Do You Have a Favorite?  Maybe even one that’s not mentioned here.


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