Developmental Chart

12 Dec


I was asked by a speech therapist to come up with a developmental chart in order to list the major milestones that each family should be paying attention to follow their child’s development.  Other pediatricians may use slightly different milestones but these are the ones that I typically ask for at each checkup.  They are a personal adaptation of a more formal developmental screen sometimes called “The Denver.”  I divide them out into 3 categories that I call Running, Gabbing and Grabbing.

Running are those movement skills that require the whole body.  Some examples include sitting up, crawling and walking.

Gabbing are those social and language skills involved in communication.

Grabbing are fine motor skills that are typically done with the hands and fingers.

Thanks to some help from all my friends out there, I am working on making this chart a little more interactive.  You can click each link below to find some great examples of children attaining their milestones (and some of the funny ways they demonstrate them).  You can look at them by the age of the child or the type of milestone.

(Only some of the categories will be linked until the entire library is built.  Right now I only have Running (Gross Motor) active.)


Running (Gross Motor)

Gabbing (Social/Language)

Grabbing (Fine Motor)

2 mo

Lifts head up

Makes noise and smiles

Follow you when you move past

4 mo

Rolls over

Squeals and Laughs

Follow you when you move past

6 mo

Pull to sit (most sit without support)

Turns to voice

Brings hands together

9 mo

Stand holding on/crawling

Makes baba and dada sounds

Immature grasp (raking)

12 mo

Cruising furniture / Walking

1 word (mama and dada count)

Mature pincher grasp (thumb and index finger)

15 mo

Walking better

3-5 words

Can put 1 cube on another

18 mo

Walking well

10 words

Can put 1 cube on another

2 y

Walk up steps/Running

100 words / 2 word phrases / 50% understood by a strangers

3 y

Jumps up

3 word phrases / 75% understood by a stranger

Draw a straight line

4 y

Balance on each foot briefly

Full sentences / 100% understood by a stranger

Copy a circle



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