It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye To: Pediatric Associates Nurses/Staff

21 Aug



It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye To:

Pediatric Associates Nurses/Staff

Wow, these are getting even harder to write…

The way I practice medicine is not possible without a set of nurses and staff that work and work hard.  I have several goals when I walk in the door each morning:

1)   Practice high quality medicine

2)   Love children well

3)   Have fun

Practice High Quality Medicine

I want nothing for my patients but the very best.  This requires keeping up with the latest medical information and having nurses who are willing to listen when they need to learn a knew piece of knowledge or skill. 

Early in my time here, we made the switch over to an electronic medical record…there were some growing pains and headaches along the way.  Pretty much everyone in the office hated me for about 2 weeks (or maybe 4, not sure).  But, they continued to work through it and we are at a place now where it would hard to imagine doing walking into our rooms with a computer.  A little friend of mine wrote me a thank you card and included 4 things in his drawing: himself, me, my table and my laptop (yeah, that’s pretty cute).

I overhear the nurses talking on the phone all day long.  They are asked some pretty crazy questions…from the most basic things to the most difficult questions.  Our nurses are spot on with their answers and triage patients where they need to go and when they need to be there.

Love Children Well

During my time at Pediatric Associates, we have tried to make the experience of bringing your child in as smooth as it can be.  We all have bad days and interactions that are a bit off, but our prayer is that your child and you feel loved and cared for from the moment that you call in for the appointment to the moment you walk in the door until you finally walk out on your way to your car. 

Some of the biggest players in this are Nikea and Beth.  No one loves your children more than these two amazing women.  Nikea is the face of my practice for most of you.  She’s the first one that you truly have interaction with when you come in for help.  She takes the time to listen to your concerns, record them accurately for me and to move on to the next patient so she can keep me on time…part of loving your children well is staying on time and keeping your time in the office short.  The only time we waste between patients is when we argue about who gets to adopt our favorites…

I pretty firmly believe that our nurses have one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  Beth spends hours on the phone talking with people who are stressed and having various troubles then when she does get up to do work, she gets to give shots to little babies who are screaming…not exactly a rewarding job.  However, she handles herself with grace and loves on my patients even when she’s doing things that “hurt” in the short-term.

Have Fun

If there’s one thing that my co-workers know how to do well, it’s to make my job fun.  I could mention every single person in the office but I would forget someone and it would take too long so I’ll just mention a few…

We run an international service from Lashune Bode (she’s Franch) to la clinica with Jessie (Beth even speaks a little Chinese-just ask the Swahili translator), we can handle just about anyone that walks into the office.

Inside jokes aside, there’s something about coming to work with a group of people that can keep you laughing.  We deal with a lot of difficult situations in our office: sick children and stressed parents so it’s important to be able to laugh every now and then.  There’s a study that shows that physicians are happier and less likely to be burned out if they look up from their screen and talk to their co-workers.  That’s never been a problem for me because there’s always something interesting going on or something funny that one of my co-workers can tell me a story about in order to keep the day moving.

So, as I leave, I’m not concerned about my patients…I know that they will be well cared for by my staff and whomever they choose to use as a doctor.  I’m not concerned that my staff will continue to have fun…it’s just in their natures.  I am concerned that I’ll never work with a group of people that helps me achieve my daily goals to the degree that this staff has…


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