Is Your Doctor the Best Doctor?-How to Pick a Doctor

18 Jun

How does one go about picking a doctor these days?  

There are lots of places to get information…most of it completely useless.  Go check out your doctor on or or any of the other rating sites you can find.  What you’ll likely find is a sampling of a small handful of raters.  The problem with this is that the sample size is so small the information can be heavily skewed by one great or (more commonly) one terrible review.

So, where should we go for advice?


Ask your friends who have kids what doctors they use.  This especially works well if you have friends that are similar in belief systems, medical philosophy and personality.  If they like you’re doctor and you’re similar to them, chances are you’ll like them too.  Good old fashioned word of mouth is still probably the best way to learn about the doctors in your area.

Practice Websites

Practice websites are helpful in determining the practical aspects of the practice you are considering.  Look at office hours and availability of care after hours via phone, etc.  If having a doctor that is up to date with latest medical knowledge and technology is important to you, make sure that their website looks professional and is updated.  This is also a place where you can find a little bit about the doctor’s personality (from their bio) and see their picture but these often become pretty predictable.  Everyone likes to spend time with their family and has a few particular interests in pediatrics like obesity or development.

So, how do you know if your doctor is the best?

The right question is this: How do you know if your doctor is the best for you?

I think this comes down to 2 basic questions:

Can you ask your doctor any questions without fear of judgment or feeling silly?

Do you trust the doctor’s answers to your questions?

If you can answer a resound YES to both of these questions, then you are in the right place.  If not, you should probably be looking elsewhere.


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