Shot Promises

31 Mar

There’s two promises I want my parents to stop making to my patients about shots…

#1) You’re not getting any shots today.  Sometimes this one is necessary just to get the kid in the office and I can understand that but be careful because you never know when you might be wrong.  Nothing is worse than having told your kid that they don’t need a shot only to discover that they had missed one along the way or we got flu shots in early that year.  Kids don’t do well with surprises and they don’t forget promises that you’ve made them.  Sometimes they need shots when they are sick even when you weren’t expecting it.  

I don’t like making medical decisions or having pressure on me to avoid a shot because children were told they wouldn’t get one that day.  If a child is in front of me, due for an immunization and there is no contraindication, I prefer to give the vaccine.  Or, if a child is sick and would significantly benefit from a shot; why take a chance with a less aggressive approach.  Of course, I always consider the family’s wishes but prefer not to make decisions because a child wasn’t expecting a shot that day.

#2) “If you don’t behave (or eat  your veggies, or whatever else), Dr Smith is going to give you a shot.”  Actually, no, I’m not.  Merck has yet to develop the “listen to your mother” shot and I’m pretty sure it’s not in development either.  

I really view the shots I give in the office as protective procedures and consider providing vaccines one of the most caring things I can do in the office.  When my nurse is giving shots to my own kids and I’m holding them down I tell her thanks for helping to protect them from all those yucky germs running around out there.

Because of the way I view vaccines, I don’t like to hear them used as threats.  So please don’t….


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